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Reviews of the best food dehydrators in one place

January 10, 2014


Choosing the best food dehydrator you will buy

388_Sedona_Doerrgeraet_Dehydrator_Bild1_originalEver wondered what is a dehydrator what it is used for? Well it is a kitchen appliance that purpose is to produce dry foods out of their moist counterparts, they come in different shapes and sizes some are round some are square some are small neat and tidy some are bigger huge and bulky the point is they all do the job.

For smaller families I would recommend getting one of the Nesco models though for a bigger family or maybe families with more drying needs I would suggest Excalibur or L’Equips models these are the most known models in the market and their dehydrators are sold for a fair price

how does a dehydrator work?

The way it works is the appliance sends hot dry air constantly at a consistent rate and temperature and removes the cold moist air out of the system producing in a matter of hours dry foods, like beef jerky, dried fruit and vegetables or dried herbs for tea perhaps or maybe even Tabaco yes even that can be maybe using a dehydrator interesting is it?

benefits of a dehydrator

If you plan on drying your foods on straight sunlight you are in for a surprise or maybe not, but the point is drying using just sunlight takes a long long time in most cases up to several days, if you’re lazy you would probably just go and buy the dried product at your local grocery store am I right? but having a food dehydrator you could achieve the same result in a matter of hours, just a few hours and you could be sitting on your couch in the living room munchin on some beef jerky made just hours ago, these appliances do save time and money in the long run (spending all that money on dried foods when they could be made in hours), another benefit is that these foods last longer, once the food is dried it can be easily stored and on your top shelves or drawers in the kitchen instead of taking precious refrigerator space, they won’t spoil as quick as moist foods too, because the water that is contained in moist foods is the reason for its spoilage removing it makes the food more durable and lasting, what else is that the food’s taste gets concentrated when it is dried, so for example you like bananas? dry them and you will get a super concentrated banana taste in a smaller package that doesn’t rot with time, if these benefits are not enough to convince you to get a food dehydrator I don’t know what is then.

There is a great website that offers food dehydrator reviews of these products I highly recommend checking it is called FoodDehydratorReviewsHQ.